Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish

Beautiful and neat nails in a moment with Maybelline Colorama Colorama nail polish.


  • Dense and bright color
  • Comfortable application
  • Lasting effect intense shine

How to use:

Apply the nail polish with the help of a small brush on the nails without enamel or grease. For a better result, apply two layers.

About the Maybelline Brand

The history of the Maybelline brand dates back to 1915 when a young American Mabel Williams invented an original product to accentuate the eyelashes. The firm belief in the potential of this homemade invention led his brother Thomas to found Maybell Laboratories and start selling mascara by post. In a short time, women across the United States began to use Maybelline, and the company responded by starting to sell in local stores. 

In the second half of the 1990s, Maybelline became part of the cosmetic giant L’Oréal Group, but its goal remains the same: to offer women cosmetic and high-quality makeup at affordable rates.

Currently, Maybelline can boast collaborating with famous fashion designers in creating new trends. In addition, in its commitment to technology, day by day constantly strives to innovate its products. Eye shadows, nail polishes, lip gloss, and other Maybelline brand products are easy to apply and have a lasting effect, making it a favorite among stylists. 

Maybelline cosmetics is synonymous with perfect and lasting makeup, accompanying you from day to night, always looking perfect. Therefore, it is not surprising that superstars from Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, or recently the Spanish actress Clara Lago use Maybelline. 

Maybelline will attract all independent ladies by helping them create their casual look. 

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