Seven Common Mistakes in Small Home Decor

Many families living in urban areas have limited land for their homes. Creating small home decorations to keep them looking beautiful and comfortable to live in is tricky. Limited size and space make small home decorations need to pay attention to several things so that small home decorations do not seem crowded and boring.

For those looking for ideas for small home decorations, you have to be good at conceptualizing, so you don’t make mistakes when decorating a small house. Let’s take a look first; what are the seven common mistakes in the following small home decorations?

Does not have a clear concept

A clear concept is one of the most important things before decorating a house, especially in small house decorations, before doing many things on small home decorations, such as choosing house paint colors or choosing the best furniture. You have first to measure the room area and allocate it for the right function—bedroom, kitchen, toilet, workspace, all according to the required area.

If you are confused about designing small home decorations, consult those who are experts so that you can get the right concept and the proper calculation. 

Ignoring Sunlight

Never block out the sun’s rays in small home decor. To not be too dazzling, install light curtains or curtains on the windows, don’t let your small home decor have minimal lighting so that it looks gloomy. This can also make you save more electricity during the day, you know.

To make your small home decor feel more spacious, you can install a mirror across the window to spread and reflect light. There are a few tricks in mirroring that can make small home decorations more attractive.

The mirror on the backsplash makes the kitchen more spacious; installing a mirror across the furniture makes the surface reflection more attractive. The large mirror on the wall creates the illusion of an additional window that becomes a small home decor.

Errors in Pattern and Color Combination

Often we think that small house decorations should be predominantly white. Small house decorations that feel airy don’t need to be boring. You can apply a selection of creative wall wallpapers. But, make sure the wallpaper doesn’t clash in color with the interior of your house.

Mistakes in Furniture Selection

Choosing lots of small furniture can actually make your small home decor look claustrophobic. These are the mistakes beginners make for small living rooms. If you have high-roofed rooms, don’t hesitate to place a large, tall wardrobe, this will make the room appear spacious.

On the other hand, choose multifunctional furniture in your small home decor. For example, you can select a TV rack with many slots to accommodate living room accessories, magazines, and even flower vases. Don’t get me wrong, and TV tables are actually versatile, you know!

Installing Wall Decorations at Any Place

Pretty wall decoration can actually beautify small home decor. But that doesn’t mean it can be done on all sides. Just place a large painting or photo frame collage on one side of the wall to sweeten your little home decor. If you have several decorative ornaments, hang them on one side of the wall and don’t place them too low.

In addition, don’t hang small paintings or photo collages on each side, especially if the photos or paintings do not have a uniform theme.

Don’t Dare to Look Luxurious.

Don’t think that small house decorations have to look simple; instead, luxury can make your small home decor look elegant and extraordinary. You can put silver knick-knacks on the ceiling and make the room look brighter. Don’t forget your floor too; a thick red carpet can make a small home decor look charming. For leisure activities, you can install a flat-screen TV at the right height.

One more thing, if you want the living room to look more elegant with the presence of a sofa, then choose a sofa size that is not too big. Fix the sofa against the wall so that the living room is not divided and even creates a narrow impression. You can still add sofa cushions or cushions; just choose a small size of two or three. Cushion -sized can make your little couch feels cramped.

Not collaborating on spaces.

If your house has rooms close to each other, then collaborate between spaces with matching colors, furniture concepts, and decorations. This makes your little home décor appear fluid and unclassified.

You can add rugs to each room with bright colors. To avoid the impression of being too full on small home decorations, choose a carpet with a large but simple motif.

Suppose you want to make small home decorations on the look and size that best fit and never miss customized furniture. What is customized furniture? Customized furniture is furniture that you can order to suit your small home decor needs.

Instead of being confused about finding furniture that matches your small home decor, there is nothing wrong if you order furniture according to your wishes.

Later, even your small home decor will not appear on the market. Several things need to be considered to choose a provider that is tested to provide good quality and how much budget you need to provide. 

Now you know what mistakes you shouldn’t make when decorating a small house? Don’t forget to design it carefully first, so that your small house decoration can be comfortable to live in.

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