Seven reasons to prefer winter fashion than summer

Winter is coming, so yes, the days are getting shorter, it is colder, the rain … But that is not necessarily bad news! We must see the positive side of each situation; you can finally get your warm and comfortable clothes: cozy sweaters, our favorite coats, and fall in love with a pair of beautiful boots. I assure you that winter fashion is much better than summer, discover why and you will see, it will allow you to wait much longer until next summer!

The guide to looking elegant

1. Winter fashion is always a trend

The style of winter clothes is timeless. Fashion goes out of style, never style, and it is true. A winter coat can remain fashionable for years, while summer clothes, with which we take more freedom choosing the form, the material and especially the color, generally remain in fashion only one season. Therefore, it is better to bet on the basics to wear your summer outfits for a long time, while we can afford to wear much more fashionable sets in winter … because you know you stay stylized for a long time!

2. More comfort in winter

In winter, what we love is being able to dress in comfortable and cozy clothes. In summer, there are no comfortable clothes when the temperature rises; the clothes stick to our skin; often, we are in a hurry to go home to put on the lose and most comfortable clothes. This is exactly the opposite of winter when clothes can be stacked, and our closet adapts more easily to temperature changes during the day! Speaking of winter clothes, winter is also the opportunity to wear turtlenecks or turtles. Combined with a pretty lipstick, the turtle neck gives you a glamorous and attractive look.

3. In winter we have fun with layering

In addition, winter is the perfect time to practice the coat trend: Coats accumulate according to shapes, prints, and materials to create a stylized set. This allows us to warm well but also have the opportunity to undress in case of a warmer environment.

4. Many more accessories in winter

Boots, booties, moccasins, biker boots, big boots, Australian boots, sneakers … The choice of winter shoes is very wide. (What I love: opt for low boots with a dress or skirt and a pair of socks or a pair of high boots with slim pants and an oversized blazer.) The winter shoe signs its credibility in fashion. And I love it! Like shoes, fashion accessories are of great importance in the winter aspect. XXL scarf, scarf, hats, hat, belt, socks, large socks, etc. There are more accessories, many ways to customize your appearance and style, which will inevitably attract the stylized woman in you …

5. Winter asks us for fewer beauty rituals

I suggest you take care of yourself, but even if some hairs grew on your legs, it is not dramatic. While in summer, it is much harder to hide … There is also no need to moisturize both your hair and your skin damaged by the sun. And the nail polish on the feet is not a great need …

6. Avoid Complexity

Warm clothes help you hide your defects (love handles, small breast, cellulite, acne spots on the neck …), and sometimes we can feel more comfortable than when we should expose our skin and our small defects. Notice to those who have complexes: even if, of course, you can feel beautiful at any time of the year and that it is best to trust you, winter clothes allow you even better to highlight your silhouette and your assets.

7. Less washing and attenuated wear in winter

As we sweat much less in winter than in summer, winter clothes are washed less frequently than summer clothes. And less washed, it is less work with the washing machine and the iron. You can use it to take care of yourself or do the activities you like instead of having to spend all your time on housework. And that’s great! And also, they pay less. You can find your favorite coat in the same condition after several years, which is not necessarily the case for your lighter (and therefore more fragile) summer clothes.

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