Six Makeup Tips To Get Ready!

It is no secret that women have a lot more makeup products than they need. However, the challenge they face is when they choose the right makeup for work or office. Makeup before going to the office is necessary; unfortunately, many women apply too much makeup to the office. Hmm, so what kind of makeup is suitable for the office? Check out the tips, yes!

1. Make sure the face is clean and damp

Make sure the face is completely clean before applying makeup in the morning. You can use a warm water cleanser all over your face to clean dead skin on the skin. You must use moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your facial skin awake.

2. Apply foundation

In order for the face to look brighter and the color to appear more even, facial complexion must of course, be considered. You can use a foundation or bb cushion for a more natural result. Apply evenly on the face, thinly. Make sure you choose the right color that matches your skin tone.

3. Use concealer if necessary

If you have pimples, dark circles, or annoying scars, this wash of concealer can hide it all. For a more natural result, use your fingers to apply and blend it.

4. Apply blush so that the face looks bright

Besides being brighter, it will look sweeter if you use blush. Choose coral, peach, or pink colors to make your face look fresher.

5. Make up the eyes

Eye makeup indeed cannot be separated from the use of eyeshadow. You can choose eyeshadow colors such as beige, light brown, and other natural colors. After that, finish by applying mascara so that the eyes look more ‘alive.’

6. Use a bright lipstick

When using lipstick, choose a bright color. Avoid using lipstick colors that are striking or seem excessive so that your makeup still looks natural. Lipsticks in nude, mauve, pink, or coral colors can be the right choice to complement your makeup, you know!

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