Six tips on how to make your gift even better

1. Write a card

Something that many often forget. A gift with a card can be perceived as more personal. You don’t have to write a whole novel (unless you want to). A short greeting is enough, but it may be a little longer and more fun than “To John from Rasmus.”

2. The wrapping is important

A nice gift-wrapped ugly or not wrapped at all can seem sloppy and absurd. Make sure the wrapping holds the same class as the present itself.

3. Explain the idea behind

The most important thing when giving a gift is the idea behind it. Make sure you explain it to the recipient or write it on a card. The jewelry always has a thought behind it. If this idea fits well, twist it! Give a ‘Little star’ bracelet and explain that the sparkling stone symbolizes how the person lights up your life. You light up my darkness. Or explain that you noticed that the person always wears silver or that the bracelet should match the watch she always wears.

4. Buy flowers

Who doesn’t like flowers? A flower bouquet together with the gift gives an even greater impression than the fine wrapping. If “WOW” is the reaction you want to achieve, we suggest a really big bouquet. The bigger, the better. 

5. Choose the right opportunity

If you give your gift at the wrong time, it is easy to not pay attention to the details of the gift. Choose the opportunity with care and with that said, wouldn’t it be great to surprise the recipient when he least thinks so? For example, on a Friday night after a busy work week. If you have bought a Christmas present for a very special person, it may feel finer to give it on Christmas Eve when it is just you two and not the family or all other Christmas presents steals its focus. The same goes for other gifts, choose an opportunity (if possible).

6. Buy several items in one theme

If you want to give more things, they can be part of a theme. The theme can be linked to a trip you are about to make, a special occasion or things for an entire outfit. Jewelry is often bought in sets that match each other. Do not choose different colors of the jewelry. Also, don’t buy two bracelets or two necklaces. For example, choose a pair of earrings and a necklace.

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