Six Ways to Make Your Honeymoon More Special

Honeymoon is always an extraordinary moment for newlyweds. This special moment certainly doesn’t want you to be damaged by trivial things such as lack of planning or fighting because of different desires. How to make your honeymoon even more special? Try the seven ways given Get Wed this:

1. Romantic

Dinner Special dinners are usually held at the best restaurants or hidden beaches. A romantic and private place can increase the intimacy of both of you. Create an adrenaline-challenging game like you are hiding, and he’s looking with your sexy hints.

2. Watching the Setting Sun

Take time to enjoy the most peaceful days – when the sun rises and sets. Find a quiet spot where you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise, or indulge at dusk for a relaxing afternoon.

3. Negotiating

Is there a sporting match that your partner likes very much? Or an episode from a television series you couldn’t possibly miss? Make a deal. This condition certainly will not occur every day. But if there’s something you both don’t want to miss, enjoy it, even on your honeymoon!

4. Activities

Scuba diving, jungle trekking, plan activities that both of you enjoy or things that your partner wants to do. A honeymoon is a perfect moment to do the things you want together. Having fun together for the first time will make your vacation unforgettable.

5. Gifts

If you know what your partner wants and want to find the right moment to give it, the honeymoon is the choice. No matter how simple it is given, it shows your affection and feelings of love.

6. Massage

Reserve a full body massage or spa treatment throughout the day to overcome fatigue after various activities together in the previous days. Or it could be that you and your partner do massage alternately! Save the essential oils and light candles and music to create a romantic feel.

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