Ten Beauty Tricks That Make Your Life Easier

Have you, just like us, stood in vain struggling with that eyeliner line that does not want to appear? Or tired of repeatedly improving the lipstick during the evening? Then you can benefit from these ten excellent tips!

Some beauty routines are time-consuming and are sometimes a real test of patience. How many times have you not struggled and messed up to get a perfect cat eye? Or allowed to improve on the lipstick once a minute? Now we have found ten tricks that make life a little easier for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally know how to get rid of those little hairs that always ruin your tight ponytail?

1. Use a credit card to get a perfect cat-eye.

Place a credit card or paper in the corner of your eye. Then paint a line with eyeliner along with the credit card. The result is a perfectly straight line, and you avoid a lot of mess.

2. Spray perfume in several strategic places – then it lasts all-day

For the perfume to stay all day, fragrance experts say that you should perfume the back, behind the ear, the arm crease, the knee crease, and in fact, the navel. The trick is to spray perfume in places where the skin is thin, and if you spread your perfumed points, the chances are also more remarkable that they last longer.

3. Do not test your new foundation on your cheeks

The skin on your face does not have the same shade as the rest of your body. If you buy a foundation that matches your cheeks, there is a significant risk that you will get a foundation that does not match your chest and neck. Try them instead on your neck; the shade that blends into the skin is the one you should have.

 4. Work in layers to cover your pimples

Do not just trust the concealer to cover your nasty pimple. Instead, work in layers, first foundation, then concealer, and finally a powder. The powder keeps the make-up in place and keeps the pimples covered all day!

5. Get longer eyelashes with baby powder

If you want longer eyelashes but do not want to fiddle with false eyelashes, you can use baby powder instead. First, paint a layer with mascara, dip a top in a little powder, and apply it to the lashes. Finish with another layer of mascara, repeat until you achieve the desired result.

6. Save tired days by painting a triangle with concealer under the eyes

Applying your concealer as a triangle instead of a crescent, the eye will “pop” more. You look fresher, and the eye will look much more alert.

7. Use matte products if you have oily skin

If you use a shimmering blush or bronzer, your skin will look shinier; try matte products instead. You can use a concealer that is lighter than the skin tone as a highlighter.

8. Get rid of baby hair with a toothbrush

Hairspray on a toothbrush, and then brush on those annoying hairs that always stick out. This trick saves every hairstyle and set.

9. Make the lipstick last longer

Paint on the lipstick just as you usually do, but put a handkerchief over your lips when you are done. Then brush on a transparent powder over the handkerchief. Remove the handkerchief, and you have a pair of beautiful lips that last all day!

10. Heat the eyelash curler for best results

It will be a much more effective bending of the eyelashes if you first heat the eyelash curler with a hairdryer. Together with tip number five, you will look great without a lot of hassle.

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