Ten steps to a natural makeup

A woman needs to look fresh and youthful, but how to achieve a natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful? You need to know some tricks to reach a perfect image in a short time.

You must use high-quality necessary products and special brushes to achieve the desired effect. With these tricks, you will have a natural look, that is, you can use it to go to the job or to go out for dinner.

 1.- Creams:

So that the makeup is preserved for a longer time, you must apply a moisturizer that provides the necessary moisturization to your face.

 2.- Color moisturizers: 

These creams give you a light makeup coverage and give your skin softness.

 3.- Makeup base:

 This product must be similar to your skin tone. You may also mix two different colors to achieve the ideal coverage.

 4.- Eyes: 

The initial or also known as pre base eye makeup is optional. If you apply it properly, it will fix the shadows better, and your makeup will stay intact for a long time. Put a little along the eyelid, and expand it to the bone of your eyebrows.

 5.- Corrector:

 Apply it only in the areas that need it, that is, in tears and around the nose. Use it with light strokes to avoid wrinkles.  

6.- Shadows:

 You only require three natural shades of matte eye shadows. One similar to your skin color, which you will apply throughout the eyelid, extending it to the brow bone; another medium color that will shape your eyes, apply it in the crease in the form of “V”; and an illuminator in the tear duck corner and under the eyebrows.

7.- Mascara for eyelashes: 

This tool is key to highlight your look, so use one that is long-lasting. You may apply up to two or even three layers to make it look natural.

 8.- Eyeliner:

 With a quality black eyeliner, preferably in pencil, trace small dots on the inside of your upper lashes. With this, you subtly emphasize your eyes.

9.- Blush:

 To make the makeup look natural, apply it with an angled brush, from the temple to the cheek, so that to simulate a “C.”

 10.- Lips: 

For natural makeup, choose light tones or lip balms. Prefer those that are matte or semi-matte, and that resembles the tone of your skin. Forget about the colors orange, since your teeth will acquire a yellow shade.

Remember that you must carry in your bag a compact powder, lipstick, and mascara to retouch your natural makeup at the time you want it. Now enjoy these steps and surprise everyone.

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