The 4 best brands of professional nail polishes of 2019-20

The nail polish has changed the nail industry and whether you are looking to improve service manicure gel that you offer as a professional if you want to start making your own nails at home, use the best brand of polish for your nails is essential to an impeccable and lasting manicure.

Just as there is a big difference between pharmacy nail polish and luxury nail polish brands, there is a big leap in the quality of cheap gel polishes and trusted names in the industry. But there is a large number of options available in the market, so let’s review the pros and cons of the best brands of gel nail polishes that exist today.

Professional nail polish brands

1. Gelish Soak

With 151 colors, Gelish has a wide range to choose from, including cream over Chocolate Chip, as well as brightness options. When applied correctly, Gelish enamel will last three weeks before splintering. A Gelish manicure will have that higher profile, a thick finish that you expect from the gel and an intense and bright shine. Polishing colors are highly pigmented and you will rarely have to apply more than one coat of the color of your choice.

2. LeChat Perfect

When you buy a gel polish from Lechat, you usually also receive a second bottle of the same color in a traditional non-gel nail polish base. This is perfect to tweak your nails if you only have that little chip and you don’t have time to redo your nails that day.

It also works to make matching manicures and pedicures if you don’t want to use a gel on the toes. Or you can use the color like normal enamel. It is good to have options. As for the color options, Lechat has a good variety of neutral colors, bright colors, shades that change color, and intense holograms like this.

3. Elite99 Nail

They have 337 colors right now and the range is amazing. Elite99 has all the standard colors you expect, but they also have a lot of glitters like magnetic brighteners, color-changing brighteners with temperature, and iridescent brighteners

4. Aimeili Soak

Aimeili has more than 50 gel polishing colors and many of them change color with temperature or light. So this is another fun and affordable brand that has the bold colors you are looking for. Of the cheapest gels, Aimeili is one of the most durable, easily reaching the mark of 14 days before chipping. You can take a bath, which is something you want in a gel. It is a bit thin, so you may need two to three layers depending on the color. Its subtler tones end up being a bit more vibrant in person, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for.

Colored nails make hands look elegant. But it is not the peace of cake to do them. There may be several markets in your area, but they will always be full. Even if it takes hours to see the perfect nails, many women cannot help themselves. It has to be done by a professional nail technician or by themselves.

Each of these brighteners is deeply loved in the beauty community, with five-star reviews and brilliant testimonials of pages and pages. They are, in a word, magical. Check them, put them on and get ready for, you will probably never try a new enamel brand again.

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