The best interior design apps

New technologies have brought with them applications that will facilitate the renovations and interior design of our spaces. They are intuitive tools that will make the creative process enjoyable and simple.

An interior design project is not a simple task, but with the best interior design apps, you will have excellent help. It requires a whole creative process, which demands a lot of effort and dedication. Currently, we find many applications that will make the design process easier.

Interior designers, until a few years ago, used software to decorate or project space. Today, thanks to new technologies, we can find design applications that work on our smartphones and tablets.

This has revolutionized the way of designing and decorating, making tasks a little easier. But, above all, they allow the general public to have a greater notion of what the work of an interior designer implies.

The applications make life easier for us, making anyone who needs help with reform can use these applications. For example: changing the distribution of space or seeing the application of a certain color on a wall.

There is a wide variety of applications in which you can create your own design, from blueprints to 3D views. You will also find some others in which you will find an infinity of photo galleries that will inspire you.

Next, we have made a small selection of applications that will facilitate the interior design project process. You will discover some of the best tools to achieve a spectacular result from your mobile phone.

3D Home Design

 Home Design 3D is an application that will allow us to carry out interior design projects from a device (tablet, smartphone ). This tool combines intuitive use with a wide variety of advanced functions.

This gives you the possibility to start the design process and then go to 3D mode. It incorporates a new 3D engine that will allow you to visualize the design and make presentations for your customers perfectly.

It also provides the possibility of having a day-night cycle that will allow you to see the changes in natural lighting throughout the day. With Home Design 3D, you will enjoy an impressive and realistic reproduction with high photographic quality.

The free versions of the applications, in general, offer us all their potential for the design of plans and 3D views. However, most will not allow us to save or export our projects. In order to have these qualities, we will have to go to the full version, which is paid.

The best interior design apps: Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a very practical application that works online and can be used by anyone. With this tool, you can easily create plans for interior design and decoration projects.

This application is simple to use and has no difficulty, so much so that you do not need to follow special learning. From the first moment, we will be able to use this tool to draw in 2D and 3D.

It has a wide range of tools to project reforms, plan repairs, change the design of the rooms, etc. In addition, we can add a variety of elements from the image galleries of the application: rooms, doors, furniture, and others.


MagicPlan is an application with many alternatives when designing. Through a photograph allows us to create rooms easily and in a few minutes. We have the option of manually drawing the plan with the drawing tools it offers us.

This application is free to access for our personal use. But it has the disadvantage that you can only export the plans in pdf and jpg format, or publish them with watermarks.

We have the option of acquiring it for professional use, in which we will have to pay by plane or subscribe to the payment methods offered. With this, we will unlock all the objects, being able to export them free of watermarks and use them for public and commercial use.

Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio is a free application that will be very useful if we want to renew the color of our rooms. It allows us to extract Pantone colors from images and from the phone’s camera.

In addition, we can mix and test color combinations in images, interiors, and 3D material before applying them. This tool is a great help for designers since it allows you to capture real colors through a photograph.

Additionally, it will serve as a Pantone guide because it has all its color references and its RGB, CMYK, and hexadecimal versions. We can also find very inspiring content, such as Pantone trends, the color of the year, or libraries with more than 10,000 colors.

The best interior design apps: Pinterest

Pinterest is, perhaps, the largest visual social network in the world. In it, we can share images, videos, infographics, and all kinds of content that are visual.

In addition, users of this social network who have a project use it as an ‘ideas box.’ We can say that Pinterest is the perfect tool to find inspiration to decorate our spaces.

Surely, you already knew her and have used her countless times to look for some clothes look or decoration trends. The theme of interior design and home is the second most viewed of all Pinterest, relegated only by food and drink.

All these applications that we have presented to you can make your life easier if you decide to make a reform or a simple decoration project. With these tools, you will have a vision of the world of decoration, but do not forget that the idea is to look for a design professional.

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