The bride is coming! How to choose the ideal car

The wedding car is one of the elements that generate more expectations among the guests … because it will be the one that takes you to your wedding! Your family and friends will see it arrive before you, so don’t neglect your choice. Which one will you say “yes, I accept”?

One of the first decisions you will have to make once you know you are getting married is to choose the style of the wedding. This will be essential to define the style of wedding memories, the place of the banquet, the decoration, the centerpieces, and even your wedding bouquet. Something that you should not neglect, like all those details that will be waiting for you upon arrival, will be the means of transport you choose to enter the ceremony. Because the vehicle that will transport you to your lovely wedding will be the first thing, your guests see! So remember also to keep some consistency with the rest of the party so do not hesitate to decorate it with the wedding flowers, it will look spectacular!

What kind of vehicle?

With regard to the style of the vehicle, the theme of the wedding will be central, as it will give you clues to choose the right car. After all, you will want to maintain congruence with the style of the wedding and the car. For your guidance, these are the main types of vehicles.

  • Limousines

If you like the extravagant and glamorous, this is the right choice. You will have an entry that everyone will notice. Its large size means that ample space is needed to be driven. Therefore, consider the surface you have available to enter with this vehicle. Study also the route from the place where you are going to get ready until the ceremony; they will not get stuck in any maneuver around a corner. It is a fabulous and elegant idea for a city wedding.

  • Carriage

This style is more common when the wedding will be convened in a hacienda, a garden, or a ranch because it gives that country or colonial touch that will make your princess cut wedding dress look even more. 

  • Old cars

Of course, this vehicle will give an exceptional touch to your entrance, since these are characterized by being elegant and sophisticated. If the whole party is also set in a vintage style, this type of transport will mean a lot and will add that romanticism that old things have. Try to verify that the car is in good condition because of the distance, so you better avoid incidents. It’s okay for the bride to arrive late, but not to delay because the car broke down halfway.

  • Contemporary cars 

Classic cars, sports cars, convertibles come in … Of course, if you choose any of these, you will have the advantage that you can adapt to almost any terrain for your wedding. They are so varied that anyone will be ideal to leave you at the entrance and make you wear that modern wedding dress that, with such enthusiasm, you decided to get married.

  • Imagination to power!

Your own personal story can be especially inspiring. Do you like horse riding or did you meet in the races? Appearing on horseback can be an attractive option. Watch out! Also dangerous, so you better have the right level of riding, and you control your nerves and reins very well so that your wedding does not start with an accident. There are also steel horses if both are bikers! All your guests will be speechless if you surprise them by motorcycle. Not all wedding styles are indeed complemented by a horse or a motorcycle, especially if you were thinking of getting an elegant hairstyle. If you opt for any of these possibilities, keep security in mind. How about ordering a special helmet with a built-in veil? In case you prefer to have more control, you will always have the bike. 

What color?

The colors black, gray, silver, beige, or white are excellent options to make the vehicle look elegant. Unless you have some very groundbreaking idea in mind, you won’t want to wear a mermaid-cut wedding dress and get off a green sports car. However, expanding the range of shades may make sense if that color marks the style of the party or if it becomes especially important for you and your future husband.

How many will go onboard?

Surely you will think: “What does this question have to do with it?” Well, it has to do and a lot. You must be comfortable and have enough space to prevent the dress from wrinkling. Also, don’t forget that you and the driver will be the two essentials that will be on board. You might want your father or someone special to accompany you too. That is why you must take into account the space of the vehicle: contemplate who you will want by your side in the transfer since, at the end of the ceremony, your only companion will be your husband.

A unique idea? Maybe they consider it appropriate to give a different touch to the entrance of the couple, that the driver is you or your husband. It will be fantastic! Of course, unless they want to carefully comply with the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony.

How can it be decorated?

Once you have selected the car, checks in detail the time for which it will be rented and the cost, you should ask if the company has a decoration service for it. If the reply is yes, ask them to provide you with a catalog to find out what are the options they can offer you.

If you did not like the possibilities or the company does not provide this service, go to the florist where your natural bridal bouquet. Or your centerpieces were arranged so that there is consistency in the choice of flowers. Ask them to design a decoration for the car based on the concept that will guide the celebration and your tastes. Another alternative is to ask that they use slats or fabrics for the creation of a bun or other figure.

Other practical issues

In some way, the natural or urban environment and the accesses you will have to the location of the ceremony will set you many guidelines. Do not neglect them and prevent the lack of foresight from leading to improvisation and make you panic.

Unless you or somebody in your family is a collector of antique cars or has a carriage parked in your garage. It is usual for these types of services to be contracted with a vehicle rental company with or without a driver. The best recommendation? Look for severe companies committed to their work. If it is in your possibilities to contact people who previously requested this service with said company, it will be helpful to make sure that everything will be correct. 

Do not let the last search for this service; plan it in time to avoid setbacks. Thus you will find the desired vehicle. It is also not important to become obsessed: any car you choose will make you look like the most beautiful with that cool hairstyle, looking dazzling in your fabulous wedding dress.

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