Thinking about dying your hair? Find out what color suits you

Dyeing your hair before the wedding is a great decision. As the color you choose will be registered in all the photos and memories of the day. It is important to choose carefully. These suggestions will help you find the perfect tone for you.

The wedding hairstyle, as well as shoes and accessories, complement the wedding dress. Each element should favor the bride and make her feel beautiful and safe. A color change can change the whole look with vigor, but it is an important step that must be studied very well. Although the bridal bouquet or makeup can make your hair tone stand out more, the perfect dye for each bride depends on aspects such as her personality and even the features of her face. Find the ideal tone for the day with these tips!

When to apply color to hair?

You will surely want to get to your wedding by premiering everything from the simple wedding dress to your earrings. But you must resist temptation because dyeing your hair a few days before the marriage is not a good idea. It is best to make this change about three months before the wedding. In this way, you can get used to change and discover how to look better.

Also, in case the color doesn’t convince you the first time, you will have the opportunity to correct it. If you need a touch-up, do it one or two weeks before the wedding so that your hair looks natural and fresh on the day.

A different dye for each skin tone

Blond hair

Blond hair is usually more flattering for light skin tones. The clearer the bride’s complexion, the darker the dye should be: this will enhance the shine of the hair and make the skin tighter. Cold blond (almost white) dyes benefit pale complexion and pink tones. The warm blond is perfect for tanned skin, and brown blond will give balance to the citrine faces.

Brown hair

The chestnut is a universal complexion: it looks good with all skin tones and is very easy to carry. Also, there is a wide range of brown hair. It can tend towards black, redhead, and blond. The bright brown and warm get along with both light skin as brown and tan. The intense brown best accompanies darker skin, but also offers a nice contrast with a light complexion.

Ginger hair

The lighter the skin color, the better it will combine with a vivid red tint. The combination of dark and dark skins with reds with purple tendencies or with more electric colors is popular, but, at the wedding, the softer and subtle shades that merge with the skin color can be better, brightening it slightly. 

Black hair

Black is the best color for darker skin. It is also suitable for light skin tones, although, if it is your case, it can make you look paler. Especially if you will wear a princess cut wedding dress in pure white or ice white. Black is a very intense tone, so you need to soften with makeup as neutral as possible for a balanced look.

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