Time to choose the groom’s shoes? Know the rules

Good footwear is the basis of a perfect outfit. For the right choice, you should consider the wedding style, the type of suit, and the rules of etiquette. If you are disoriented on what shoes the groom should wear, it is time to clear up doubts.

Some fashion experts claim that shoes are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe since they are a personal seal that betrays the character of the wearer. Just as some heeled shoes can make a wedding dress look more. You should know which shoes are best suited for each wedding suit. Although there are many details that you should take into account. Do not think it will take as long as when you looked for your beloved’s engagement ring

As there are trends and etiquette rules that dictate which footwear is the most convenient for each occasion, each clothing, and each place. Here we bring you a style guide to help you choose.

Some basic considerations

Whatever the type of suit, the groom’s shoes should be closed and, preferably, they should not have ornaments or buckles, since they detract from elegance. It is also ideal that they have thin laces and the same color as the shoe. As for the shape, it is most appropriate for the tip of the groom’s shoes to be oval or slightly square. In any case, dispense with angled tips. 

If they will have a wedding on the beach and you had thought about wearing sandals or huaraches, consider that these are only suitable with very casual linen suits. But even in those cases, you can find less informal options, such as nautical shoes or more casual loafers.

The soles should conform to the type of terrain, but the most elegant thing is to wear shoes with thin and thin soles, sewn with thin and firm stitches. Although they are better for winter, the very wide, rubber or protruding soles of the last are very informal.

Materials and colors

The best materials for shoes are leather and calfskin. Choose them over the suede, which is more informal. And above all, remember that patent leather is prohibited with chaqué.

The strictest protocols ( black tie label, the most formal) have a non-negotiable rule: the groom’s shoes should always be black. Undoubtedly, black is the color of elegance and demonstrates a lot of formality. In addition, it combines with virtually all colors and should only be avoided when it produces a very high contrast with the rest of the outfit; for example, with a clear suit for an outdoor day wedding.

Browns are considered unsuitable for use in formal events; however, with the irruption of color in the groom suits, this rule deserves to be revised. Especially with outdoor weddings, were blue, some garnet or raw tones are well received. So if in your original wedding invitations you will summon your loved ones in a garden, why not wear a blue suit; With brown shoes, you will combine much better. 

Styles according to the suit and the wedding

Something important is that you cannot choose the shoes without having decided which suit you will wear. Footwear must seal a good styling, give it a particular touch, but also uniformity. Your outfit should go with the wedding style, so that depends on the formality of the shoes you will wear. 


Among all types of shoes, Oxford is considered the most appropriate for a boyfriend, since they are very elegant. They wear laces, are tight and tend to be very flat. The Oxford is the best shoes to wear with tailcoat, but can also be worn with a tuxedo, frac and even tailored suit. In some places, they are also called Balmoral.


Slightly less formal, although equally suitable for wearing with a jacket, are legate- type shoes, which, unlike Oxford shoes, have stitched seams. Depending on the type of seam stitching, it can be considered semi-brogue or full-brogue. Remember, the fewer stitches the shoes have, the more elegant they are. However, some legate can look great at country weddings.


An equally distinguished English cut is the derby, also known as blucher. However, because it has a greater opening, it is considered that the derby is more sporty shoes, suitable for more casual suits than the jacket, the tuxedo, or the tuxedo. This is because the side blades where the laces intersect are separated from the tongue.

Opera pumps and slippers

The opera pumps in patent leather and with a silk ornament on the instep, as well as velvet slippers, are only suitable for wearing with tuxedos. Both are distinguished by being almost entirely smooth and quite low cut on the instep.


For relaxed dress codes or weddings held during the day, moccasins are ideal. The moccasins are shoes without laces or buckles, but they are very everyday shoes or with very sporty suits. Remember that any lack of fashion rules can be an innovation or a complete disaster!

Special shoes

If you like to try something unique, do it with style and without losing sight of the wedding style. For example, monk strap shoes have buckles and are well worn with narrow-cut suits and with a length of the pants slightly above the shoe, so that the buckle is visible and that the cane does not get caught in it. This combination is one of the few successful exceptions and even works best if the shoes have two buckles. It will be a perfect setting for a very modern wedding. But nothing to put it into practice with a cheque.

If the wedding style allows you to wear tennis, use ones that are one color. In the end, the best shoes are the ones that make you feel safe and are made with the best quality.

Put them to the test

The decisive test for your shoes will be to wear them with the rest of the costumes; Above all, make sure you have them for the last suit test to see if you have to raise the hem or make any other modifications. 

Look for some shoes that offer you comfort for the whole day, and that allows you to dance until it is time to split the wedding fondant cake. To be sure of your choice, measure all the models you need. Execute it at the end of the day when your feet are inflamed, and there is no risk of choosing ones that are tight and hurt you later.

In especially tight models, like the Oxford type, you probably need a size larger than usual, as you should consider that the foot expands throughout the day. And don’t forget to try them on with your socks on, so that you calculate the necessary measure.

Your shoes should be flexible, secure in the heel, and with good support on the instep. If you want to look taller, you can wear special shoes, insoles or hidden rises. To take good care of them, store them in a cloth bag and, if you can, put them on a wooden last.

How they should combine with the accessories

The shoes must combine with the belt, and you can also look for uniformity with the watch and cufflinks. But, above all, you have to pay attention to the socks. These should cover the skin of the leg and be the same color as the pants. Although, if you want to give a cheerful and modern tone to your look, dare to coordinate them with the tie or the bow. At a wedding with a more flexible dress code, you can play with the colors of the socks and laces.

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