Tips for wearing a stylish polo shirt 

Wearing a polo shirt gives you a touch of formality in a casual event and elegance to an informal outfit. With it, you can play to look attractive and provide a new note to any meeting. That is why it must be a part of your wardrobe.

Looking in the best way this garment so useful requires following some simple rules that enhance the image of who wears them.

Think of the freshness

Let’s start with the type of fabric. Polo shirts can be made of cotton that tend to be more comfortable because they are cooler.
Another type of fabric is a cotton and polyester blend that can be hotter. However, it makes up for the fact that they are easier to wash and dry. Also, unlike cotton, this type of fabric does not shrink.

The length and fit

A polo shirt is made so that they look somewhat tight on the chest and arms, but at the abdomen level, it becomes looser. The sleeves should reach the middle of the biceps
Highlights the muscles and so they are very wanted by men who exercise regularly when they want to show off the results of their training.

How should a polo shirt be worn?

A polo shirt is designed to be worn, especially outside the pants. Of course, you have to be careful with the length. Under no circumstances should you exceed the pant’s bags. An excessive length does not help to make a good impression.

When they are worn inside the pants, you have to make an outlook to make it look good. You must always accompany it with a belt. A youthful print allows counteracting an excess of formality in casual situations.
When the shirt is short, the ideal thing is to keep it on the outside, because any movement can cause the edges to come out messily.
Keep in mind that, although the shirt has two buttons, they do not have to be closed. It is only necessary to close less a button maintains a good look and gives it freshness in case you use it on hot days or climates.
You can wear it with shorts, and in that case, it is recommended that, if used inside, you also have to wear a belt. It can be combined with nautical shoes or sailors without socks or with “invisible” socks.
Remember to make contrasting combinations, dress dark at the top and light at the bottom, or vice versa. If you wear the shirt inside the pants, the belt allows the separation of colors.

Dress in layers

Either because you want to give a more formal look to an outfit with this type of shirt, you can dress in layers. The cardigan combines very well if you want a casual but exquisite style. If the goal is to give a somewhat riskier image, a leather jacket is perfect for that.
Combining a polo shirt with a blazer gives you a relaxed image that works very well in summer if you combine them with Chinese pants. You can finish your outfit with nautical shoes.

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