We can all get dressed. Anyone can go out and buy the garment they want. However, few people know how to dress well. Be careful: I’m not talking about trends and fashions. I am talking about having a good attitude and a good presence, regardless of the style we have chosen. That is why today we decide to share some tricks to improve our presence.


When we talk about improving our presence, we must not only take into account clothing and style, but we must always find the right garment that helps us to have the look we are looking for. And, not all situations in our life, require the same type of clothing or look, so we say that this goes beyond a simple change of look,

The suits

In the case of men, we all know that the suit is the most formal garment for men and the one that suits us best if we have important positions in the company we work for or if we must go to a special event. So that you can improve your presence with the suit it is important that you know how to wear it and, for this, we will tell you that the jacket always has to fit on the shoulders and the fall has to cover the pant’s pockets (approximately).

As for the sleeves of the suit, these should reach the wrists. To find out if they are okay, you can do the folding arms test. When making this move, you have to be able to see the cuffs of the shirts.

If you wear a jacket, keep in mind that crusades are more classic than straight ones. They are undoubtedly more formal. It is very important to know that if you use a straight jacket you just have to fasten the first button, and the second if you want. Never fasten the lower buttons, for nothing in the world.


When we talk about accessories, we mean the socks, shoes, and belts we wear suits. In this sense, you should know that the socks have to combine with the shoes and that they should be socks with which you feel comfortable. Socks that make you sweat a lot or pressure you, no matter how much they go with the shoes, they won’t be the best for you.

As for the belt, this should look to match the shoes, rather than the color of the suit itself. When we talk about having a presence, people tend to look at these small aspects in the sets we wear and the belt is one of those associated with shoes.


If you want your look to be informal and you don’t have to wear a suit every day, you should keep in mind that it is advisable not to unfasten more than one button, regardless of how your body is. It is not good to show the whole chest.

On the other hand, you should also keep in mind that you cannot combine pictures with stripes and that you should not use more than three colors. If the shirt is printed try not to use a printed tie.

These are some basic tips on how to dress better while maintaining a good presence.

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