Tricks for decorating a small kitchen to make it look bigger

Ah, it’s always fun watching TV shows decorating and designing the house, including the kitchen. But even when we’ve spent hours watching it, it’s still challenging to apply it in our kitchen, especially if the kitchen is as small as a house of 7 dwarves! To keep you from getting dizzy when you want to decorate a small kitchen, here are the main tips that you should keep in mind when decorating a small kitchen.

First and foremost: consider the function of the kitchen

When choosing colors and tiles, the first thing you should think about is the space’s size and how you will work in it. Having an idea of ​​where to place utensils such as stoves and shelves is a priority when decorating a small kitchen. Also, how to make frequently used equipment easily accessible. After you can decide on the layout, feel free to choose colors and tiles that should follow this layout to give an overall effect.

Take advantage of space in high areas.

Ah, all kitchen knick-knacks really take up the most space. However, don’t despair: take advantage of the space in a high area, whether for storing large items or equipment used twice a year. If you have a lot of glassware that you want to show off, save it in a glassed cabinet, making the kitchen look wider. But a mirrored cabinet is more recommended for those who have a hobby of tidying up and tidying up the house. Meanwhile, for us, mortal people and not the descendants of Marie Kondo, it is advisable to choose a hidden cabinet. And one more thing, open shelving: not too much and it must be cleaned frequently so as not to make the kitchen dull.

Determine the Seating Position

Usually, the kitchen is one of the most comfortable places to hang out in the house. Don’t have a large space? Get out of it by just adding a chair or two that can be folded. Or build a banquette that doesn’t take up much space.

Don’t Forget the Lighting System

Don’t underestimate the power of a lamp that can give the illusion of a bigger room than it actually is. In addition to recessed lights, consider adding a chandelier above the kitchen table. Oh, make sure the light you choose is of high quality with warm light so that the kitchen is comfortable and relaxed. Then, don’t forget to install a dimmer.

Use a Neutral Color as the Dominant Color

Ah, but you want a kitchen that’s colorful, not just painted white! Good news: a bright kitchen doesn’t mean you need tables, chairs, cabinets, and cabinets with rainbow tones. Moreover, a kitchen with neutral colors is more timeless and not out of date. To make it more lively, add color through knick-knacks such as carpets, flowers, plants, and window blinds.

Remember the Principle: Less is Better

The principle that owners of small kitchens should remember is simplicity. The less (that is visible), the better. Quality, not quantity. What? A lot of your stuff, really? Store in hidden cabinets to keep the kitchen tidy. Anyway, there is a trick of organizing things in a small kitchen: collect and arrange utensils of the same color in one place to make them look neat.

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