The sari is a garment that women in India wear on any occasion. The right sari well worn can make your beauty stand out so that you look like a queen.

The choice of fabric:

The sari fabric plays a key role to help hide the small defects of the body. Because of its ease, the georgette, the gauze, and the crepe are the ideal materials because they stick more to the body and because they fall gracefully. Avoid stiff silks or cotton, as they have the opposite effect.

Tie it tight:

A loose sari can disgrace your look. A badly placed sari will look disheveled and ugly. Tie it firmly to look more attractive and position it correctly.

Limit the folds:

Many women believe that putting folds in the sari increases its grace. It is true if you are a thin woman, but if you have too much volume or are not well placed, they will have an ornate effect. With fewer folds, you will look sexier.

Minimize the edges:

We will leave the wide edges for very tall and very stylized girls. The rest of the mortals will not see better with saris of the small border or without borders. The goal is not to see bulky or large pieces around us.

Choose dark colors:

This trick is old like the world and works in all fashions of all cultures. Dark colors camouflage defects and attract attention to the face.

Stamped? In moderation please:

Large prints are beautiful to look at, but posts can be ornate and eye-catching. A fabric with small drawings will be more delicate to wear and will have a more elegant final finish.

A comfortable blouse:

There are so many choli models (blouse) that every woman should look for the style and cut that suits her best. There are them with sleeves, sleeveless, wide neckline or more collected, different neck styles, various types of lengths, etc. Embroidery and rhinestones will be suitable for special occasions, and colors vary according to fashion. Some match the sari, but now a striking color is in contrast to the fabric. Ornate cholis will look better if the sari is smooth or slightly transparent.

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