Types of sofas for the living room

Today we have many types of sofas for the living room. It is usually the centerpiece of the room and, therefore, the one that attracts the most attention. That is why we have to choose it carefully, taking into account its style, shape, and size.

Fortunately, there are nowadays sofas of all kinds and very different prices. So we can easily find the one that best suits our needs.

Classes of sofas for the living room

Some of the most popular sofa classes in today’s market are the following:

The sofa in L:

It is ideal for living rooms with a square shape, as it adapts perfectly to any corner, making the most of the space. It is perfect for large families, having several places, and one of the parties should be somewhat more substantial than the other. For example, we can choose a 2 × 3 sofa. In addition, it brings a modern touch to the room.

Chaise Longue:

Very similar to the previous one, it is a great armchair that has extra space to support and stretch the legs. It is perfect for long and narrow rooms and offers a very modern style. Currently, it is one of the best options.

Chester or Chesterfield sofa:

It is very classic, suitable for rooms with vintage decoration. Its origins date back to Great Britain of the 19th century and are associated with the high social class. With rounded arms, low backs, and capitoné upholstery, they are somewhat expensive if we look for the old, although we also find cheaper imitations.


They are recommended for small rooms since they are divided by pieces that we can place to suit each one. They allow us to change their appearance every little time, and we can see them of all styles, sizes, and colors.

Sofa with storage:

They help us save space thanks to its base, formed by a large drawer in which we can store boxes, blankets, books, and many other things. Some sofas of this type include this space between the seats, although the most common is that it is located under them.

Ergonomic sofa:

These sofas are the most comfortable, the best option for those who suffer from back problems. They can rest, slide, and adapt to the body posture that suits us. They are ideal, even to take a nap.

Sofa bed: 

It is perfect if we usually have guests. This furniture has evolved a lot during the last years, so many different models combine aesthetics with functionality.


It is used as a compliment and is a good alternative for small spaces. It is very versatile and gives us an extra place for guests. Besides, when we feel like we can take it to the room or the entrance.

As you will see, there are many types of sofas for the living room that we have available today. It is only a matter of choosing the one that best suits our stay. 

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