What are the best makeup colors for medium skin?

Women in the Arab areas in general and in the Gulf countries, in particular, have a beautiful golden complexion. Wheat or medium skin is one of the most beautiful skin colors; most make-up colors suit him, which is not the case for light or dark skin.

If you have medium skin, you can choose from a wide range of colors for your different looks.

Here is a full guide to the most beautiful makeup colors that are suitable for medium skin :

  • Foundation: A foundation in bronze or golden shade is suitable for medium skin; choose the same shade as the color of your skin for a natural look, or a shade of a darker degree for evening makeup.
  • Face Powder: A bronze-colored face powder is suitable for medium skin; it suits your skin’s color perfectly by highlighting facial features like cheeks, forehead, and nose.
  • Eyeshadow: You can pick from a wide range of eye shadow colors. For your unique looks, you can use brown or pastel colors, gold or light silver, bronze, turquoise or indigo blue. Avoid the light, pink colors that give you a dull look, while the bright, dark colors emphasize the color of your skin.
  • Eyeliner: Highlight your eyes with black eyeliner or any other dark color such as dark olive or indigo blue. Dark eyeliner adds sparkle to the eyes and enhances the beauty of your skin’s color.
  • Blush: What implements to eyeshadow also applies to blush. Avoid the pink blush and choose bright colors such as peach and bronze that highlight the beauty of your cheeks and give brilliance to your face.
  • Lipstick: Unlike face and eye makeup, light pink lipstick is good for medium skin. Try to catch a lipstick color similar to the natural color of your lips, or use a lip gloss for a natural and attractive look.

Do not hide your beautiful natural skin color with thick layers of makeup; on the contrary, highlight your features with light makeup to get a captivating natural look.

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