What clothes to wear at a formal wedding

The time has come to find the best outfit options! A very important person marries, the wedding will be shortly, and you still don’t know what to wear? This is one of the most frequent situations that hundreds of men like you go through a year. What are you going to wear to see yourself as a gentleman at the wedding? Here we bring you the best tips.

Many people think that choosing the right dress for a man is relatively easy, but no! To attend a formal wedding, you must take into account certain restrictions regarding the costumes to avoid mistakes.

Therefore, here we will help you look elegant, fashionable, and most appropriate in such an important ceremony. Show that you have a sense of fashion that is not seen every day!

1. A tailored suit:

A good suit that is your size, neither more nor less is paramount when attending this type of emblematic celebration. Forget about a borrowed suit of “your grandfather,” what you want is for all the girls to look at you again, or your partner feels represented.

It is important to consider the time at which the wedding will take place. Therefore, if it will be done on the day, the correct wardrobe must be a light-colored tuxedo suit. You can choose between beige (beware of brown colors), light blue or gray. So you will look with a fresh and perfect look for the occasion.

If the wedding has a stipulated schedule in the afternoon or evening, it is recommended to use dark colors such as blue or black. At that time, what better to look like a great man who “brings seriousness to the evening” than a black tuxedo? You can accompany it with a shirt with tight sleeves and a lighter shade.

2. The vanguard at your feet: A good pair of shoes

Nothing catches the attention of more of the girls than a man who knows how to choose a good pair of formal shoes, according to the suit. It is very important that your shoes are the same color as what you wear, although they can be a darker shade if the suit will be light colors. It goes without saying that they should be more than shiny (impeccable).

3. Wear a tie? Yes, yes!

If you will opt for the tuxedo or vest suit, it is very important that you know how to choose the right tie since this is the main garment and should be striking but that at the same time it must be balanced with all the suit that you will wear. In addition, it is important that you keep in mind that formal ties do not wear a white tie.

If your suit will be dark or light in color combined with a white shirt or other colors, the idea is to choose a tie that matches perfectly with the color of the tuxedo or vest.

On the other hand, for the prints what you can wear is one of the stripes, yes, “striped.” Remember, it is not necessary to mix many colors, that would look like a cocktail, and it is not elegant, what you should do is keep that “comfort insight” not much, not too much.

You also have another option! Instead of wearing a tie, you can use a “bow-tie” (as it is known in several Spanish-speaking countries) or bow tie without prints and dark colors preferably.

4. Complement your suit with other Accessories:

Do not forget to complement your suit with accessories that mark elegance such as a good watch and a handkerchief the same color as your shirt in your tuxedo pocket. Rest assured that this will be like roast sauce! (a good example of a wedding).

We hope that this article has helped you a lot and that you consider every detail raised here when it comes to “giving your face” to the wedding. It will undoubtedly help you to maintain a good haircut, and why not? A good scent.

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