Your velvet garments, perfect in 8 steps

Do you have some velvet clothes and you hardly wear them for fear of spoiling them? With these tips, you will learn to take care of them, and you can enjoy them for many years. Do not miss the opportunity to have in your closet this fabric that is so fashionable.  

1.  Try not to wash velvet clothes very often. Instead, you may use a soft brush to remove lint and eliminate odors with the Steam program in your washer or going through the dry cleaners. It is perfect for refreshing and removing the wrinkles of your delicate clothes.

2.  When it is necessary to wash them, check the label, and see if you can put them in the washing machine. In that case, select a delicate program, cold and with a gentle spin, at about 600 rpm (revolutions per minute).

3.  Use liquid detergent for delicate items and use a small amount. Too much soap is harmful to the tissues, can leave traces in the clothes, and also makes the washing machine perform extra rinses and spend more water. Do not add fabric softener; you can also leave marks.

4.  If the velvet is a dark color, the idea is to use a specific detergent for dark clothes, so you will ensure that it does not leave whitish spots. Do not mix garments of different colors; velvet is a fabric that easily fades.

5.  If you wash your velvet clothes by hand, previously dissolve the detergent in a glass of water and do not pour it directly on the fabric. To remove stains, give soft touches without rubbing or pressing too hard. Finally, rinse them well and drain them without twisting them.

6.  To dry them, you can use the delicate program of your dryer, if the label allows, and place them in a special basket. If not, spread them on a smooth surface in a well-ventilated place. So they dry as soon as possible, and never use tweezers!

7.  If you want to iron the garment, turn it upside down and place a cloth between the fabric and the iron. Use it at low temperatures and preferably with steam.

8.  Try to hang clothes on hangers instead of folding them. Of course, do not use wire hangers or too thin, because they can also mark clothes.

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